Salzburg is the capital of Austrian Federal country Salzburg. Musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born here. In honor of him the local culinary specialty – Mozartkugel – takes his name. Mozartkugel are delicious chocolate bonbons filled with marzipan. The original recipe comes from Salzburg´s confectioner Paul Fürst. As to the entertainment, the night life takes place in surroundings of Anton Neumyer´s square in the older part of the city. You can visit here e.g. Irish pubs or alehouses.

Private trip from Vienna to Salzburg

If you will the absolute private, you can choose the “private transport.” You keep at disposal the passenger car with the driver. The driver drives you to the required place and you enjoy your journey at rest and at ease.

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Shared transport from Vienna to Salzburg

The shared transport is cost effective variant for you. We pick up you in the arranged placed, e.g. direct in front of your hotel. You share the car with the other passengers and you will be driven to your destination together.

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Sightseeing tour from Vienna to Salzburg

Enjoy the sightseeing tour before you reach at ease of our cars to the locations that you will personally visit. We can give you any tips for interesting places. In the event of your interest we can stop in the other places and sights that are interesting for you. We adjust to you and your interests.

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